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Notice for Living in International Student Dormitories

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1. International students should live in on-campus international student dormitories for the first year in CQUPT.

2. Students shall only occupy the specified room and bed allocated to him/her. It is forbidden to change rooms without permission from International College.

3. Students shall return to the dormitory before 12:00 p.m. If students plan to leave the dormitory for over 24 hours, he/she must inform the reception of the dormitory and register when he/she comes back.

4. Visitors can only enter the dormitory after registering at the reception with the valid identification. The dormitory is open for visit from 8:00 to 23:00.When the visited leaves the dormitory, the visitors shall leave immediately as well.

5. International students shall not pass the room key to others, unwarrantedly copy the key, or add another lock on the door. If the lock is broken, students shall inform the reception of the dormitory as soon as possible.

6. International students shall keep the dormitory healthy, neat and clean, keep quiet and take care of the facilities in the building. Anybody who is responsible for property damages due to improper use or other human factors shall compensate for the loss.

7. Conducts ruining the normal living environment, such as smoking in the public areas or in bed, throwing or dripping things out of the building, spitting, raising pets are forbidden.

8. It is prohibited for the students to decorate the room randomly, damage or change the structure or functionality of the room.

9. Hanging, distributing or posting propaganda or promotional materials without permission is not allowed.

10. It is forbidden to commit crimes or violate the laws while staying in the dormitory.

11. It is forbidden to violate the institution of fire safety, such as deliberate damage or unwarranted movement of the fire extinguishing facilities; storage or usage of combustible, explosive or corrosive matters ,or forbidden electrical appliances; usage of naked fire; forbidden power line connections;embezzlement of public electricity supply, and other conducts causing serious safety threats.

12. Preaching and expounding the scripture or conducting religious gathering activitiesis forbidden in the dormitory.


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